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Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the gambling and fun capital. The planet's largest concentration of casinos, resort hotels and a huge convention center make Las Vegas one of the busiest destinations in the World. Many new hotel/resorts now focus on family activities, as well as world-class gaming and entertainment.

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Getting Around
The Vegas strip covers a wide area, so walking the whole thing isn't quite realistic, though you may easily walk between casinos close to each other. Ridesharing (Lyft and Uber) is quite popular here, though be mindful of their high-demand times and surge pricing.

Taxis, generally waiting outside casino entrances and hotels in a taxi line, are a good option if you want to go from one casino property to another, or to/from the airport. Please note, riders cannot simply hail a taxi, but must get cabs at a physical address.

The Deuce is a public transportation option, as well. Deuce on the Strip makes stops at each major hotel/casino property. Two-hour passes are $6, while 24-hour passes are $8. Riders may purchase tickets right on the bus.